Maine Revised Statutes

§3767. Parental responsibility

The parents of a child receiving assistance under this chapter are responsible for partial or total support of that child, if they are of sufficient ability. In determining the ability of the parents, the department must consider the assets and income of the parent. [1997, c. 530, Pt. A, §16 (NEW).]

The department may bring proceedings in the District Court or Superior Court in the county where the child resides or in the county where the parent may be found to compel any person liable under this section to contribute to the support of any child receiving that assistance if, after reasonable efforts on the part of the department, voluntary contributions have not been made. The department shall bring the action as a petition for support upon not less than 7 days' notice. The court may order either one or both parents of the child to contribute to the support of the child by paying money weekly or monthly as determined in accordance with Title 19, chapter 7, subchapter I-A and Title 19-A, chapter 63 and may enforce obedience by appropriate decrees, execution issuing for that money when payable. An order for child support under this section may include an order for the payment of part or all of the medical expenses, hospital expenses and other health care expenses of the child or an order to provide a policy or contract for coverage of those expenses. When a parent is committed to jail as a defendant on execution under this section, the county having jurisdiction of the process shall bear the expense of the defendant's commitment and support. The defendant may petition the court issuing that execution for relief and the judge of the court, after due notice to the department and hearing on the petition, may order the defendant's discharge from imprisonment on the terms and conditions justice requires. [1997, c. 530, Pt. A, §16 (NEW).]

1997, c. 530, §A16 (NEW).