Maine Revised Statutes

§350-C. Implementation reports


The holder of a certificate of need shall make written reports as provided in this section and as required by rule adopted by the department. [RR 2001, c. 2, Pt. A, §32 (RAL).]

1. Final plans and specifications.  A holder of a certificate of need that has been issued for the construction or modification of a facility or portion of a facility shall file final plans and specifications for the project as required by the department to determine that the plans and specifications are in compliance with the certificate of need and with applicable licensure, life safety code and accreditation standards.
[ RR 2001, c. 2, Pt. A, §32 (RAL) .]
2. Reports.  The department may require periodic reports, summary reports and cost and utilization reports as well as reports regarding the effect of the project on the health status, quality of care and health outcomes of the population served for no longer than 3 years following the completion of the project as set out in rule.
[ 2011, c. 648, §24 (AMD) .]
3. Summary report.
[ 2011, c. 648, §24 (RP) .]
4. Cost and utilization reports.
[ 2011, c. 648, §24 (RP) .]
5. Department action.  The department may revoke any certificate of need the department has issued when the person to whom it has been issued fails to file reports or plans and specifications required by the department on a timely basis. The department shall review services that fall below the required volume and quality standards of a certificate of need.
[ 2011, c. 648, §24 (AMD) .]
RR 2001, c. 2, §A32 (RAL). 2011, c. 648, §24 (AMD).