Maine Revised Statutes

§3483. Emergency intervention; authorized entry of premises; immunity of petitioner

1. Action.  When the court has exercised the power of a guardian or has appointed the department temporary guardian pursuant to Title 18-A, section 5-310-A, and the ward or a caretaker refuses to relinquish care and custody to the court or to the department, then at the request of the department, a law enforcement officer may take any necessary and reasonable action to obtain physical custody of the ward for the department. Necessary and reasonable action may include entering public or private property with a warrant based on probable cause to believe that the ward is there.
[ 1993, c. 652, §9 (AMD) .]
2. Liability.  No petitioner shall be held liable in any action brought by the incapacitated adult if the petitioner acted in good faith.
[ 1981, c. 527, §2 (NEW) .]
1981, c. 527, §2 (NEW). 1993, c. 652, §9 (AMD).