Maine Revised Statutes

§338. Consultation

1. Consultation on new technologies and needs.  In connection with the development of policies and procedures to implement this Act, the commissioner may, from time to time, consult with persons with relevant skills and experience regarding:
A. New medical technologies and the impact of those technologies on the health care delivery system in the State; [2003, c. 469, Pt. C, §13 (AMD).]
B. Unmet need for health care services in the State; [2011, c. 648, §18 (AMD).]
C. The quality of health care; and [2011, c. 648, §18 (AMD).]
D. The need to replace, renovate or upgrade health care facilities to meet current and future needs. [2011, c. 648, §18 (NEW).]
[ 2011, c. 648, §18 (AMD) .]
2001, c. 664, §2 (NEW). 2003, c. 469, §§C13,14 (AMD). 2011, c. 648, §18 (AMD).