Maine Revised Statutes

§3280. Liability of relatives

The spouse of a beneficiary of state supplemental income shall, if of sufficient ability, be responsible for the partial or total support of such persons. In determining the ability of such spouse, his assets as well as his income shall be considered. [1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).]

The Attorney General shall bring proceedings in the name of the State of Maine in any court of competent jurisdiction to compel any person liable under this section to contribute to the support of any recipient of such benefit, if, after reasonable efforts on the part of the department, voluntary contributions have not been made. The court shall determine a fair and reasonable amount for support to be paid by the defendant to the department as reimbursement for moneys furnished to a recipient. [1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).]

The action must be brought as a petition for support upon not less than 7 days' notice. Upon failure to pay the support ordered, execution must issue. The State shall pay the expense of commitment and support when the defendant is committed to jail on execution and the defendant may be discharged in the same manner as provided by Title 19-A, section 952. [RR 1997, c. 2, §47 (COR).]

The department shall encourage and stimulate voluntary contributions from the parents and adult children of the recipients of such aid, if such relatives are of sufficient ability to contribute toward the support of such recipients. [1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).]

1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW). RR 1997, c. 2, §47 (COR).