Maine Revised Statutes

§3264. Fiscal procedures

There shall be advanced with the authorization of the department, from the State Treasury to the secretary, prior to the first day of each month, an amount equal to the secretary's estimate of state supplemental benefits authorized pursuant to this Part for such month corrected for any adjustments resulting from benefits relating to any other month. The department shall conduct, at least once each fiscal year, an audit of such benefits paid by the secretary on behalf of the State. [1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).]

An agreement shall specify procedures for making payments to the secretary and limitations on such payments, limits on state supplemental payments for patients in health care facilities, provision for recoupment of overpayments, or payments unlawfully procured, of state supplementary payments, adjustments against future state payments on account of such recoupment, and any other fiscal and quality control provision deemed advisable by the department. [1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).]

1973, c. 790, §3 (NEW).