Maine Revised Statutes

§3023-A. Medicolegal death investigators; appointment; jurisdiction

The Chief Medical Examiner may appoint persons who are not physicians as medicolegal death investigators, who have statewide jurisdiction and serve at the pleasure of the Chief Medical Examiner, subject to the Chief Medical Examiner's control and rules adopted by the Chief Medical Examiner. Medicolegal death investigators must meet the certification and training requirements established by the Chief Medical Examiner and must be residents of this State. Medicolegal death investigators may be employees of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner or serve on a fee-for-service basis as determined by the Chief Medical Examiner. A medicolegal death investigator before entering upon the duties of the office must be duly sworn to the faithful performance of the medicolegal death investigator's duty. [2013, c. 113, §2 (NEW).]

2013, c. 113, §2 (NEW).