Maine Revised Statutes

§2956. Immunity

1. In accordance with chapter.  A person that acts in accordance with this chapter or with the applicable anatomical gift law of another state or attempts in good faith to do so is not liable for the act in a civil action, criminal prosecution or administrative proceeding.
[ 2007, c. 601, §2 (NEW) .]
2. No liability for injury or damage.  Neither the person making an anatomical gift nor the donor's estate is liable for any injury or damage that results from the making or use of the gift.
[ 2007, c. 601, §2 (NEW) .]
3. Reliance on representations.  A person who documents the making, amending or revoking of an anatomical gift under this chapter may rely upon representations of the individuals listed in section 2949, subsection 1, paragraphs B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I relating to their relationship to the donor or prospective donor unless the person knows that the representation is untrue.
[ 2007, c. 601, §2 (NEW) .]
2007, c. 601, §2 (NEW).