Maine Revised Statutes

§2844. Subregistrars

The State Registrar of Vital Statistics or municipal clerk may appoint one or more suitable and proper persons in a municipality as subregistrars, who are authorized to issue permits for transportation and final disposition of dead human bodies in the same manner as is required of the state registrar or municipal clerk, as specified by department rule. The completed death certificate or report of death, upon which the permit is issued, together with a copy of the disposition of human remains permit must be forwarded to the municipal clerk at the earliest opening of the municipal office after the date of issue, and all permits by whomsoever issued must be returned to the municipal clerk as required by section 2843. The appointment of subregistrars must be made with reference to locality, so as to best suit the convenience of the inhabitants of the municipality, and such annual appointment must be in writing and recorded in the office of the state registrar or municipal clerk. The subregistrars in any municipality hold office at the pleasure of the state registrar or municipal clerk. [2009, c. 601, §30 (AMD).]

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