Maine Revised Statutes

§2517. Ante mortem examination of animals to be slaughtered

For the purpose of preventing the use in commerce of meat and meat food products that are adulterated, the commissioner shall appoint inspectors to examine and inspect all livestock before they are allowed to enter into a slaughtering, packing, meat-canning, rendering or similar official establishment in which they are to be slaughtered and the meat and meat food products of which are to be used in commerce. All livestock found on such inspection to show symptoms of disease must be set apart and slaughtered separately from all other livestock and when so slaughtered the carcasses of the livestock are subject to a careful examination and inspection, as provided by the rules established by the commissioner and adopted pursuant to this chapter. [1999, c. 777, §1 (NEW).]

1999, c. 777, §1 (NEW).