Maine Revised Statutes

§2162. Packing of food; permit; inspection

The Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry shall, upon application for permit and receipt of such fee as he deems necessary from any food packer or processor, inspect all operations of said packer or processor for compliance with this subchapter and shall cause the same law to be diligently enforced. Each such permit shall cover one group of buildings constituting a packing plant in one location. [1979, c. 731, §19 (AMD); 2011, c. 657, Pt. W, §6 (REV).]

Only the holder of such a permit may mark or label any food so inspected as packed or processed or inspected and passed under this subchapter.

Said commissioner may, in a manner consistent with the Maine Administrative Procedure Act as to adjudicatory proceedings, refuse to renew, and the District Court, in a manner consistent with the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, may revoke and permit whenever there is a lack of compliance with this subchapter. He shall establish such rules and regulations as he deems necessary. He shall make such charges as will be reasonable and as nearly as may be to cover the cost of the service rendered. All such fees and all such money thus collected for services rendered by the commissioner shall be paid by him to the Treasurer of State. Said fees and money are appropriated for the purposes of this section. [1977, c. 694, §350 (AMD); 1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §78 (AMD); 1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §80 (AFF).]

The commissioner may employ such agents and assistants, subject to the Civil Service Law, and make such purchases as may be necessary in the performance of his duties. [1985, c. 785, Pt. B, §88 (AMD).]

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