Maine Revised Statutes

§2018. Terms

A license to conduct a medical laboratory when the owner is not the director shall be issued jointly to the owner and the director for the premises stated in the application, and they shall be severally and jointly responsible to the department for the maintenance and conduct thereof and for any violations of this Act and regulations pertaining thereto. A separate license must be obtained for each location. A license shall be valid only in the hands of the persons to whom it is issued and shall not be the subject of sale, assignment or transfer, voluntary or involuntary, nor shall a license be valid for any premises other than those for which issued. A new license, for the unexpired length of time of the original license, may be secured, without the payment of any additional fee, for the new location, director or owner prior to the actual change, provided that the contemplated change is in compliance with this Act and regulations pertaining thereto. [1975, c. 218, (RPR).]

This section is not to be construed as limiting the ownership of laboratories to persons who qualify under the provisions of this chapter as a director, but rather is intended to stipulate that a director as defined in section 2014, subsection 3, is necessary in order for a laboratory to obtain a license. [1975, c. 218, (RPR).]

1967, c. 380, (NEW). 1975, c. 218, (RPR).