Maine Revised Statutes

§1871. Establishment and maintenance

The State shall maintain by building, lease or by purchase one or more sanatoriums in such districts of the State as seems best to serve the needs of the people for the care and treatment of persons affected with tuberculosis. If at any time the number of persons requiring such care and treatment in these sanatoriums decreases to a level which, in the judgment of the Commissioner of Health and Human Services, makes continued operation and maintenance of a sanatorium impracticable, the commissioner, with the advice and consent of the Governor, may close any or all sanatoriums. In the event that all sanatoriums are closed as provided, any funds from the sanatorium accounts and appropriations may, with the advice and consent of the Governor, be made available to the Commissioner of Health and Human Services for the purpose of providing alternative treatment and care for those patients needing treatment and care. Where lease or purchase is made, the State shall have the right to enlarge or otherwise adapt the property to meet the needs of the situation. These additions or improvements shall be considered permanent. At the expiration of the original lease of any property for use as a tuberculosis sanatorium, the State shall have the right of renewal or of purchase. [1983, c. 816, Pt. A, §16 (RAL); 2003, c. 689, Pt. B, §7 (REV).]

Without regard to the matter of sanatorium closure, the commissioner also may purchase care for tuberculosis patients from private practitioners and private medical institutions. In making payments for care, he shall take into consideration payments that may be available through insurance or other 3rd parties. [1983, c. 816, Pt. A, §16 (RAL).]

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