Maine Revised Statutes

§1850. Assessment

Except for state-operated mental health hospitals, any hospital licensed by the department is subject to an annual assessment under this chapter. The department shall determine and collect the assessment. The amount of the assessment must be based upon each hospital's gross patient service revenue. For any fiscal year, the aggregate amount raised by assessment may not exceed $200,000. The department shall deposit funds collected under this section into a dedicated revenue account. Funds remaining in the account at the end of each fiscal year do not lapse but carry forward into subsequent years. Funds deposited into the account must be allocated to carry out the purposes of this chapter. [2005, c. 670, §1 (NEW); 2005, c. 670, §4 (AFF).]

2005, c. 670, §1 (NEW). 2005, c. 670, §4 (AFF).