Maine Revised Statutes

§1812-E. Ambulatory surgical facility

1. Definition.  As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, "ambulatory surgical facility" means a facility with a primary purpose of providing elective surgical care to a patient who is admitted to and discharged from the facility within the same day. In order to meet this primary purpose, a facility must at least administer anesthetic agents, maintain a sterile environment in a surgical suite and charge a facility fee separate from the professional fee. "Ambulatory surgical facility" does not include:
A. A facility that is licensed as part of a hospital; [1991, c. 752, §1 (NEW).]
B. A facility that provides services or accommodations for patients who stay overnight; [1991, c. 752, §1 (NEW).]
C. A facility existing for the primary purpose of performing terminations of pregnancies; or [1991, c. 752, §1 (NEW).]
D. The private office of a physician or dentist in individual or group practice, unless that facility or office is certified as a Medicare ambulatory surgical center. [1991, c. 752, §1 (NEW).]
[ 1991, c. 752, §1 (AMD) .]
2. Standards.  The department shall establish standards for the licensure of ambulatory surgical facilities effective July 1, 1992. The standards must provide that ambulatory surgical facilities that are certified for the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs meet the requirements for state licensure.
[ 1991, c. 752, §1 (AMD) .]
3. Annual inspection.  The department shall inspect annually ambulatory surgical facilities, except that state inspections need not be performed during a year when a Medicare inspection is performed.
[ 1991, c. 752, §1 (NEW) .]
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