Maine Revised Statutes

§1712. Itemized bills

Each hospital licensed by the State under chapter 405 shall inform all patients, or their legal guardians, in writing, at the time of the patient's discharge, that it will provide an itemized bill upon their request. [1983, c. 166, (NEW).]

The request may be made by the patient or his legal guardian at discharge or at any time within 7 years after discharge. [1983, c. 166, (NEW).]

The hospital shall provide an itemized bill to the person making the request within 30 days of the request. [1983, c. 166, (NEW).]

Notwithstanding this section, effective July 1, 1985, each hospital shall itemize on the hospital bill of each patient the cost of nursing services provided to that patient. [1983, c. 166, (NEW).]

1983, c. 166, (NEW).