Maine Revised Statutes

§1504. Good faith reliance on consent

1. Reliance on minor's consent.   A health care practitioner or health care provider who takes reasonable steps to ascertain that a minor is authorized to consent to health care as authorized in section 1503 and who subsequently renders health care in reliance on that consent is not liable for failing to have secured consent of the minor's parents or legal guardian prior to providing health care to the minor.
[ 2015, c. 444, §3 (NEW) .]
2. Reliance on surrogate's consent.   Recovery is not allowed against any health care practitioner or health care provider upon the grounds that the health care was rendered without informed consent if consent is given by the minor's surrogate pursuant to section 1503-A and the health care practitioner or provider acts with good faith reliance on that consent.
[ 2015, c. 444, §3 (NEW) .]
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