Maine Revised Statutes

§1320-A. Inspection of dwellings by department

Except in the case of an owner-occupied, single-family residence, the department shall within 30 days inspect all dwelling units in a dwelling when: [1999, c. 276, §12 (AMD).]

1. Lead poisoning found.  A case of lead poisoning has been found in any dwelling unit within the dwelling; or
[ 1981, c. 470, Pt. A, §64 (AMD) .]
2. Lead-based substances.  Lead-based substances have been found in any dwelling unit within the dwelling.
[ 1999, c. 276, §12 (AMD) .]

The department may, at its discretion, inspect an owner-occupied single-family residence whenever a lead-poisoned child has been identified as residing in or receiving care in that residence. [1999, c. 276, §12 (NEW).]

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