Maine Revised Statutes

§1313-B. Civil violation, court authorization for removal and other remedies

1. Violation.  A person who violates a rule established under this chapter commits a civil violation for which a forfeiture of not less than $100 nor more than $500 may be adjudged for each offense. In addition, the court may include an order of restitution as part of the sentencing for costs including removing, controlling and confining the animal.
[ 1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW) .]
2. Court authorization for removal.  When home quarantine procedures, as described on the official notice of quarantine, have been violated, or in the case of a wolf hybrid, when the owner fails to bring the animal to a veterinarian for euthanasia and testing or to turn the animal over to authorities as required by rules established pursuant to this chapter, an animal control officer, person acting in that capacity or law enforcement officer shall apply to the District Court or Superior Court for authorization to take possession of the animal for placement, at the owner's expense, in a veterinary hospital, boarding kennel or other suitable location for the remainder of the quarantine period or, in the case of a wolf hybrid, removal for euthanasia. At the end of the quarantine period for domestic animals, or if the animal shows signs of rabies, the person in possession of the animal shall report to the court, and the court shall either dissolve the possession order or order the animal euthanized and tested for rabies.
[ 2007, c. 133, §3 (AMD) .]
3. Other remedies.  In addition to filing a civil action to enforce this section:
A. The municipality may record a lien against the property of the owner or keeper of an animal if the person fails or refuses to comply with an order to confine or quarantine the animal; [1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW).]
B. The municipal officers or their designated agent, such as the animal control officer, shall serve written notice on the owner or keeper of the animal that specifies the action necessary to comply with the order and the time limit for compliance; [1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW).]
C. If the owner or keeper of the animal fails to comply within the time stated, the animal control officer must apply to District Court or Superior Court for an order to seize the animal and make arrangements for quarantine or euthanasia at the owner's or keeper's expense; and [1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW).]
D. If the owner or keeper of the animal fails to pay the costs of confinement or quarantine within 30 days after written demand from the municipal officers, the municipal assessors may file a record of lien against the property of the owner or keeper of the animal. [1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW).]
[ 1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW) .]
1997, c. 704, §12 (NEW). 2007, c. 133, §3 (AMD).