Maine Revised Statutes

Title 20-A, Chapter  219: TUITION
20-A §5801. Acceptance of tuition students
20-A §5801-A. Acceptance of tuition students; online learning programs (REPEALED)
20-A §5802. Residents on state-owned property
20-A §5802-A. Pilot project for state wards (REPEALED)
20-A §5803. Two years' notice
20-A §5804. Elementary school students
20-A §5805. Secondary school students; public schools
20-A §5806. Secondary school students; private schools
20-A §5807. Cost of removing architectural barriers (REPEALED)
20-A §5808. Schools outside state
20-A §5809. Students enrolled in career and technical educational programs
20-A §5810. Tuition payments to receiving schools
20-A §5811. Students in unorganized territories (REPEALED)
20-A §5812. Summer school
20-A §5813. Driver education
20-A §5814. Students not residing with parent or guardian