Maine Revised Statutes

§9-403. Administration

(a).    A written agreement between the family entering into the program and the department must precede the final decree of adoption, except that an application may be filed subsequent to the finalization of the adoption if there were facts relevant to the child's eligibility that were not presented at the time of the request for assistance or if the child was eligible for participation in the program at the time of placement and the adoptive parents were not apprised of the program.
Except as provided by section 9-401, subsection (h), once an adoption assistance payment is agreed upon and the agreement signed by the prospective adoptive parents, the department may not reduce the adoption assistance payment amounts.
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(b).    If assistance continues for more than one year, the need for assistance must be annually redetermined. Adoption assistance continues regardless of the state in which the adoptive parents reside, or the state to which the adoptive parents move, as long as the family continues to be eligible based on the annual redetermination of need.
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(c).    Upon the death of both adoptive parents, adoption assistance may be transferred to the legal guardian as long as the child continues to be eligible for adoption assistance pursuant to the terms of the most recent adoption assistance agreement with the adoptive parents. The department shall enter into a new assistance agreement with the legal guardian.
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