Maine Revised Statutes

§7-601. Registration in name of nominees

Any state or national bank or trust company, when acting in this State as a fiduciary or co-fiduciary with others, may with the consent of its co-fiduciary or co-fiduciaries, if any, who are authorized to give such consent, cause any investment held in any such capacity to be registered and held in the name of a nominee or nominees of such bank or trust company. Such bank or trust company shall be liable for the acts of any such nominee with respect to any investment so registered. The term "fiduciary" as used in this section shall include, but not be limited to, personal representatives, guardians, conservators, trustees, agents, custodians and each of them. [1979, c. 540, §1 (NEW).]

1979, c. 540, §1 (NEW).