Maine Revised Statutes

§7-502. Court accountings

Unless ordered by decree of the Superior Court, the bank or trust company operating such common trust funds is not required to render a court accounting with regard to such funds; but it, as accountant, may by petition to the Superior Court or the probate court, in the county where the accountant has its principal place of business, secure approval of such accounting on such conditions as the court may establish. Whenever a petition for the allowance of such an account is presented, the court having jurisdiction thereof shall assign a time and place for hearing and shall cause public notice thereof to be given, meaning thereby notice published 3 weeks successively in a newspaper published in the county whose court has jurisdiction. In addition thereto said court shall, except to such extent as the several instruments creating the trusts participating in such common trust fund provide otherwise, order personal notice upon all known beneficiaries of the participating trust estates who have a place of residence known to the accountant. Personal notice to known beneficiaries having a place of residence known to the accountant shall denote service by a written notice deposited in the mails addressed to each such known beneficiary at such known place of residence at least 14 days before the time of hearing, or by a written notice either in hand or left at such known place of residence 14 days at least before the time of hearing. The method of service and the form of such notice shall be as the court shall order. "Place of residence known to the accountant" as used in this section shall include only places of residence actually known to the accountant, and shall not include residences which could be discovered upon investigation but which do not in the due course of business come to the actual knowledge of the accountant. The allowance of such an account shall be conclusive as to all matters shown therein upon all persons then or thereafter interested in the funds invested in said common trust funds. [1979, c. 540, §1 (NEW).]

1979, c. 540, §1 (NEW).