Maine Revised Statutes

§3-706. Duty of personal representative; inventory and appraisal

Within 3 months after his appointment, a personal representative, who is not a special administrator or a successor to another representative who has previously discharged this duty, shall prepare and file or furnish an inventory of property owned by the decedent at the time of his death, listing it with reasonable detail, and indicating as to each listed item, its fair market value as of the date of the decedent's death, and the type and amount of any encumbrance that may exist with reference to any item. The inventory shall also include a schedule of credits of the decedent, with the names of the obligors, the amounts due, a description of the nature of the obligation, and the amount of all such credits, exclusive of expenses and risk of settlement or collection. [1979, c. 690, §8 (AMD).]

The personal representative shall furnish a copy of the inventory to interested persons who request it. He may also file the original of the inventory with the court. [1979, c. 690, §9 (AMD).]

When an inventory has not been filed or furnished as required under this section and an interested party makes a prima facie case that property that should have been inventoried is now missing, the personal representative has the burden of proving by a preponderance of the evidence that the specific property would properly be excluded from the inventory. [2003, c. 378, §1 (NEW).]

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