Maine Revised Statutes

§2-902. Duty of custodian of will; liability

After the death of a testator, any person having custody of a will of the testator shall deliver it with reasonable promptness to a person able to secure its probate and if none is known, to an appropriate court for filing and recording until probate is sought. Any person having custody of a will is not liable, to any person aggrieved, for failure to learn of the death of the testator of that will and the failure, therefore, to deliver that will as required. Any person who willfully fails to deliver a will, or who willfully defaces or destroys any will of a deceased person, is liable to any person aggrieved for the damages, which may be sustained by such failure to deliver, or by such defacement or destruction. Any person who willfully refuses or fails to deliver a will, or who so defaces or destroys it, after being ordered by the court in a proceeding brought for the purpose of compelling delivery is subject to penalty for contempt of court. [1993, c. 148, §5 (AMD).]

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