Maine Revised Statutes

§1-503. Duties; records; binding of papers

Registers of probate have the care and custody of all files, papers and books belonging to the probate office and shall duly record all wills probated formally or informally, letters of authority of a personal representative, guardianship or conservatorship issued, bonds approved, accounts filed or allowed, all informal applications and findings, all petitions, decrees, orders or judgments of the judge, including all petitions, decrees or orders relating to adoptions and changes of names and other matters, as the judge directs. Registers of probate shall keep a docket of all probate cases and, under the appropriate heading of each case, make entries of each motion, order, decree and proceeding so that at all times the docket shows the exact condition of each case. Any register may act as an auditor of accounts when requested to do so by the judge and the judge's decision is final unless appeal is taken in the same manner as other probate appeals. The records may be attested by the volume and it is deemed to be a sufficient attestation of those records when each volume bears the attest with the written signature of the register or other person authorized by law to attest those records. The registers of probate may bind in volumes of convenient size original inventories and accounts filed in their respective offices and, when bound and indexed, those inventories and accounts are deemed to be recorded in all cases when the law requires a record to be made and no further record is required. [1993, c. 148, §2 (AMD).]

A facsimile of the signature of the register of probate or deputy register of probate imprinted at his direction upon any instrument, certification or copy which is customarily certified by him or recorded in the probate office, shall have the same validity as his signature. [1981, c. 470, §41 (NEW).]

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