Maine Revised Statutes

§2743. Lease void; remedy of owner

If any tenant or occupant, under any lawful title, of any building or tenement not owned by the tenant or occupant uses the building or tenement or any part of the building or tenement for any purpose named in section 2741, the tenant or occupant forfeits all rights to the building or tenement, and the owner of the building or tenement upon the commencement of an action under Title 14, chapter 709 may seek any remedy provided by chapter 709 or upon a declaration of a common nuisance by the Superior Court upon the filing of information by the Attorney General, the district attorney or a prosecuting attorney assigned pursuant to Title 25, section 2955 may make immediate entry and take possession without further process of law or as otherwise ordered by the Superior Court. [1995, c. 66, §4 (AMD).]

1995, c. 66, §4 (AMD).