Maine Revised Statutes

§1303. Ownership and operation

Every cemetery, except Veterans' Memorial Cemetery established under Title 37-A, chapter 2, hereafter established shall be owned, maintained or operated by a municipality or other political subdivision of the State, a church, a religious or charitable society, or by a cemetery association incorporated as provided in section 1071 or 1301. [1973, c. 537, §19.]

Every such cemetery shall be located in accordance with statutes already in force and effect, and only after consent for such location has been obtained from the municipality or other political subdivision where the same is proposed to be located, as well as from the Bureau of Health. No cemetery, community mausoleum, crematory or columbarium hereafter established shall be maintained or operated for the purpose of private profit or gain, either directly or indirectly, to any director, officer or member of the cemetery association or other agency owning, maintaining or operating the same, or of any holding company or development company employed to develop, build and dispose of the same. A cemetery lawfully established prior to July 24, 1937 may continue to be owned, maintained and operated under the form of organization adopted therefor. Any corporation organized prior to July 24, 1937 which is authorized or empowered to own, construct, maintain or operate cemeteries or burial grounds may lawfully own, construct, maintain or operate mausoleums, crematories or columbaria in connection therewith, in accordance with the laws existing and effective up to the time of July 24, 1937.

1967, c. 502, §2 (AMD). 1973, c. 537, §19 (AMD).