Maine Revised Statutes

§681. Purpose and scope

The Legislature finds that it is desirable to extend principles of sound planning, zoning and development to the unorganized and deorganized townships of the State: To preserve public health, safety and general welfare; to support and encourage Maine's natural resource-based economy and strong environmental protections; to encourage appropriate residential, recreational, commercial and industrial land uses; to honor the rights and participation of residents and property owners in the unorganized and deorganized areas while recognizing the unique value of these lands and waters to the State; to prevent residential, recreational, commercial and industrial uses detrimental to the long-term health, use and value of these areas and to Maine's natural resource-based economy; to discourage the intermixing of incompatible industrial, commercial, residential and recreational activities; to prevent the development in these areas of substandard structures or structures located unduly proximate to waters or roads; to prevent the despoliation, pollution and detrimental uses of the water in these areas; and to conserve ecological and natural values. [2011, c. 682, §3 (AMD).]

The Legislature declares it to be in the public interest, for the public benefit, for the good order of the people of this State and for the benefit of the property owners and residents of the unorganized and deorganized townships of the State, to encourage the well-planned and well-managed multiple use, including conservation, of land and resources and to encourage and facilitate regional economic viability. The Legislature acknowledges the importance of these areas in the continued vitality of the State and to local economies. Finally, the Legislature desires to encourage the appropriate use of these lands by the residents of Maine and visitors in pursuit of outdoor recreation activities, including, but not limited to, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking and camping. [2011, c. 682, §3 (AMD).]

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