Maine Revised Statutes

§6749-P. Licenses by zone

A person eligible to purchase a license under section 6749-O may purchase those licenses only for Zone 1 or Zone 2. All of those licenses issued to any one person in any one year must be for the same zone. A person may not change from the zone in which the person harvested sea urchins in the previous calendar year unless the change is authorized in accordance with section 6749-Z. A handfishing sea urchin license, a sea urchin hand-raking and trapping license or a sea urchin dragging license authorizes the licensed activity only in the zone for which it is issued. A sea urchin dragging license must list the documentation or registration number of the vessel to be used by that licensee when dragging. A vessel documentation number or registration number may not be listed on more than one sea urchin dragging license. [2001, c. 327, §12 (AMD).]

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