Maine Revised Statutes

§6481. Swans Island Lobster Conservation Area

1. Swans Island Lobster Conservation Area.  The following territorial waters of the State in the vicinity of Swans Island are known as the Swans Island Lobster Conservation Area:
Beginning at the northern tip of Long Point, Marshall Island, Hancock County, Maine; then northerly to the navigational buoy at the western entrance to Toothacker Bay, located at 68°30.657' W. Longitude, 44°08.063' N. Latitude; then northeasterly to West Point, Swans Island, Hancock County, Maine; then from Phinney Point on the northeastern shore of Swans Island southeasterly to 68°22.40' W. Longitude, 44°08.79' N. Latitude, Hancock County, Maine; then southwesterly to 68°23.6' W. Longitude, 44°06.4' N. Latitude; then south-southwesterly to 68°24.01' W. Longitude, 44°04.8' N. Latitude; then southerly to 68°23.9' W. Longitude, 44°03.1' N. Latitude, and the intersection with the 3-nautical-mile line of the territorial waters, as shown on United States Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Ocean Service, Office of Coast Survey Chart #13312; then southwesterly along the 3-nautical-mile line of the territorial waters approximately 3.5 miles to a point where a line drawn southeasterly 165° True from the center of Black Ledges intersects the 3-nautical-mile line of the territorial waters at 68°28.6' W. Longitude, 44°01.9' N. Latitude; then northwesterly 345° True to the center of Black Ledges; then northwesterly to the most southerly point of Marshall Island; then along the westerly shore of Marshall Island to the point of beginning.
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