Maine Revised Statutes

§10265. Landowner Relations Fund

The Landowner Relations Fund, referred to in this section as "the fund," is established within the department as a nonlapsing fund to be used by the commissioner to fund or assist in funding the landowner relations program established pursuant to section 10108, subsection 4-A and the Keep Maine Clean program established in section 10108, subsection 4-B. All funds from fees collected under section 10108, subsection 3 and subsection 4-A, paragraph C and money accepted by the commissioner pursuant to section 10108, subsection 4-B must be deposited in the fund. The fund receives any other funds appropriated or allocated to the fund. The commissioner may accept and deposit into the fund monetary gifts, donations or other contributions from public or private sources for the purposes specified in this section. The fund must be held separate and apart from all other money, funds and accounts. [2015, c. 277, §9 (AMD).]

2011, c. 576, §5 (NEW). 2015, c. 277, §9 (AMD).