Maine Revised Statutes

§10252. Fish hatchery maintenance fund

The fish hatchery maintenance fund, referred to in this section as the "fund," is established in the department as a nonlapsing fund to be used by the commissioner to fund or assist in funding engineering designs for the Embden Hatchery, a statewide assessment of all other hatchery facilities and maintenance, repair and capital improvements at fish hatcheries and feeding stations owned by the State. The fund may not be used to fund personnel services costs or general operating costs of a fish hatchery. The commissioner may accept and deposit into the fund any monetary gifts, donations or other contributions from public or private sources and must use that money for the purposes specified in this section. [2003, c. 614, §9 (AFF); 2003, c. 655, Pt. B, §51 (AMD); 2003, c. 655, Pt. B, §422 (AFF).]

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