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Bill Chart PH 4/15/2021
Research Exp credit proposed evaluation parameters
Hist Rehab Credit proposed evaluation parameters
130th Taxation Committee Calendar-2021
Committee Chart-4/14/21
LD 538 Amendment Review
LD 1216 MRS Proposed Amendment
LD 1216 MRS Summary Chart
LD 953 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
LD 897 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
Major Business HQ's Expansion Credit
The Shipbuilding Facility Investment Credit
The Major Food Processing & Manufacturing Facility Expansion Credit
3-24-21 GOC category schedule review
LD 950 3/23/21 Fiscal Note
LD 229 2-3-21 Fiscal Note
LD 191 Amendment Review
LD 141 Amendment Review
LD 412 AMD Review
LD 328 AMD Review
3-26-21 LD 23 Information provided by FAME
Materials submitted by Maine Preservation 3/25/21
LD 611 PCA Rep. Rudnicki
LD 731 PCA Sen. Stewart
Bill Chart WS 3/23/21
Report Back Template 3/23/2021
Biennial Budget Chart 3/23/2021
LD 217 MRS Materials
Committee Chart-3/18/21 WS
Committee Chart-3/18/21 PH
3/16/2021 LD 168 Sponsor Proposed Amendment
3/4/2021 Bill Chart (WS)
2/23/2021 MRS Proposed Amendment LD 146
3/2/2021 OFPR Compendium RETT
3/2/2021 MRS Chart LD 141
3/2/2021 MRS Proposed Amendment LD 141
Biennial Budget Chart 2/25/2021
Biennial Budget Tax Provisions FY22-23
2/18/2021 WS DAFS Response to PH Questions
Slides for TAX Tax Review Process Presentation - FEB 2021
Tax Review Links - Jan 2021
2-9-2021 Attachment B - Tax Conformity Change Package Language [2-4 Update] PPP
Maine Board of Tax Appeals 2-3-2021
01/28/2021 Supplemental Budget Chart
01/2/2021 Ashcroft Info on Revenue Sharing
supplemental budget change chart 1-26-22 (002)
Supplemental Budget-TAX Provisions
1/21/2021 Orientation Materials from Maine Revenue Services
2020 Expedited Tax Expenditure Review Report
BETR BETE - Final Report
Record of Government Oversight Committee Discussions of OPEGA’s BETR & BETE Report
Testimony - 02-28-20 (MCIC)
Testimony - updated 03-16-20 - (BETR and BETE)
Record of Government Oversight Committee Discussions of OPEGA’s MCIC Report
Memo to Taxation Committee Regarding BETR-BETE MCIC
Expedited Transmittal letter
TAX Agenda 1-19-2021
Taxation Agenda 01/21/2021
Taxation Committee Orientation 1/19/2021