Maine Revised Statutes

§1812. Brucellosis

The commissioner shall, in a manner consistent with the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, Title 5, chapter 375, formulate and implement rules, regulations and methods of procedure generally adopted for the prevention, control and eradication of brucellosis. [1981, c. 197, §2 (AMD).]

Cattle brought into the State may enter pursuant to the provisions of 9 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 78. [2013, c. 17, §1 (AMD).]

For the prevention and control of brucellosis, the commissioner shall continue to conduct recognized tests on all the herds in the State as required to maintain United States Department of Agriculture certification that the State is free of brucellosis. Such tests must be conducted by regularly employed federal or state veterinarians or technicians or authorized veterinarians and tested by the state laboratory. All animals showing a positive reaction to the test must be identified by a "reactor" ear tag and brand and must be slaughtered, except vaccinated animals under 14 months of age. [2001, c. 572, §40 (AMD).]

Officially vaccinated calves, if purebred, must be properly identified by an official ear tag provided by the department or registration papers or tattoo number. Grade animals must be tagged with an official ear tag. All officially vaccinated calves must be tattooed with the official state tattoo mark. Evidence of vaccination must be the official state tattoo mark and either a vaccination ear tag or a tattoo number. [2001, c. 572, §41 (AMD).]

Any person who tampers, with an intent to change or destroy, with a vaccination identification ear tag, official state tattoo mark, tattoo number or the identification on a registration paper shall be subject to a civil penalty of $5,000 for each incident, payable to the State, to be recovered in a civil action. [1981, c. 197, §2 (NEW).]

For the purpose of this section, the term "officially vaccinated" means a vaccination against brucellosis that complies with the requirements for such vaccination established by the United States Department of Agriculture. [1981, c. 197, §2 (NEW).]

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