Maine Revised Statutes

§703-B. Financing new road construction

If the municipal officers of one or more municipalities determine it necessary that a public road be constructed to spur economic development, downtown revitalization or neighborhood preservation; to create new housing stock; to promote mixed-use or densely settled village centers; or to enhance public safety, then the municipal officers may petition the Department of Transportation to finance from the Highway Fund up to 50% of the cost of the proposed road construction, subject to available funds. The municipality shall have a department-approved transportation plan for state and state aid highways and comply with the policies and procedures adopted by the department. The municipality is responsible for securing the balance of funds and for undertaking project design, permitting and construction following department guidelines. The public road must meet state design standards and function as a major collector or arterial highway as defined in department rules. Prior to the commitment of funds by the department, the department shall notify the participating municipalities of the likely classification of the proposed road and what, if any, changes in classification might result for existing public ways in the project area. [2005, c. 643, §1 (NEW).]

2005, c. 643, §1 (NEW).