At the end of each legislative session, the Office of Policy and Legal Analysis produces a summary of bills that were considered by the joint standing committees of the Legislature. The summaries for all joint standing committees except the Taxation Committee and the Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committees can be found on this page. Bill summaries for the Taxation and Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committees for legislative sessions prior to 2005 are located on the Office of Fiscal and Program Review website. Bill summaries describe each bill (LD), primary sponsor/s, committee amendments and other relevant amendments, final action taken on the bill, and if the bill was enacted, its chaptered law number.

The individual committee bill summary files include all bills from that committee. If you are unsure which committee handled a certain topic, go to the subject index.

NOTE: Most of these bill summaries are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
Download and Configuration instructions for the free Adobe Acrobat reader are

124th Legislature (2009-2010)

    First Regular Session (July 2009) 

Second Regular Session (April 2010) 

123rd Legislature (2007-2008)

    Second Regular Session (July 2008) 


123rd Legislature (2007-2008)

    First Regular Session (July 2007) 

122nd Legislature (2005 - 2006)

Second Regular Session (July 2006)


122nd Legislature (2005 - 2006)


Bill Summaries from previous sessions (yrs. 2001 - 2004)

Bill Summaries from previous sessions (yrs. 1999-2000)


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