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129th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 1022
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An Act To Revise and Recodify Certain Provisions of the Maine Criminal Code

Documents and DispositionLD 1407, HP 1022Text
LD 1407
HP 1022
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Note PDFFiscal Note

Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, May 16, 2019
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, May 16, 2019

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 113
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These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version.Chapter Fiscal NoteFiscal Note PDFFiscal

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Amendments to LD 1407

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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety on Mar 26, 2019.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 3, 2019, OTP
Latest Committee Report: May 3, 2019, Ought To Pass


Committee Docket
Apr 24, 2019Work Session Held 
Apr 24, 2019VotedOTP
May 3, 2019Reported OutOTP

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Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
17-A2314  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1326-F  RPPublic Law113
17-A1306  RPPublic Law113
17-A1707  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1202  RPPublic Law113
17-A1253  RPPublic Law113
17-A1155  RPPublic Law113
17-A1902  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2313  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1346  RPPublic Law113
17-A1705  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1349-F  RPPublic Law113
17-A1177  RPPublic Law113
17-A2103  NEWPublic Law113
34-A3036-A9 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1126  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1711  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1854  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1811  NEWPublic Law113
381319-T  AMDPublic Law113
30-A1659-A2E AMDPublic Law113
17-A1709  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1612  NEWPublic Law113
34-A30355 AMDPublic Law113
1558213-B AMDPublic Law113
17-A217-A NEWPublic Law113
17-A1608  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1605  NEWPublic Law113
151004  AMDPublic Law113
17-A1303  RPPublic Law113
17-A2310  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1701  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1904  NEWPublic Law113
273752 AMDPublic Law113
17-A7551-E AMDPublic Law113
17-A1303-A  RPPublic Law113
32152234 AMDPublic Law113
17-A853-A1A AMDPublic Law113
30-A39728 AMDPublic Law113
12125091 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1258  RPPublic Law113
17-A1603  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2001  NEWPublic Law113
9-B46611A AMDPublic Law113
17-A2009  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1321  RPPublic Law113
17-A1252  RPPublic Law113
34-A30612B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1329  RPPublic Law113
17-A1205  RPPublic Law113
17-A1349-E  RPPublic Law113
17-A1348-A  RPPublic Law113
1014343Q AMDPublic Law113
17-A1158  RPPublic Law113
17-A1504  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1327  RPPublic Law113
17-A1252-C  RPPublic Law113
17-A1851  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1208  RPPublic Law113
28-A20811C AMDPublic Law113
29-A2412-A3 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1156  RPPublic Law113
17-A1801  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2032  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1755  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2051  NEWPublic Law113
126004 6 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1330-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1349-C  RPPublic Law113
17-A2004  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1301-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1262  RPPublic Law113
17-A1348-C  RPPublic Law113
17-A1852  NEWPublic Law113
153314-A  AMDPublic Law113
17-A1804  NEWPublic Law113
1296011 AMDPublic Law113
29-A2412-A3-A NEWPublic Law113
17-A1806  NEWPublic Law113
14752-E1 AMDPublic Law113
17-A223-B NEWPublic Law113
1213157-A25B AMDPublic Law113
19-A40024 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1611  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1302  RPPublic Law113
17-A1856  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1305  RPPublic Law113
1725124 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1155-A  RPPublic Law113
36112-A4 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1174  RPPublic Law113
17-A1331  RPPublic Law113
1521212 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1326-A  RPPublic Law113
12125101 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1903  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1326-E  RPPublic Law113
17-A1325  RPPublic Law113
17-A1326-C  RPPublic Law113
17-A1348-B  RPPublic Law113
34-A96031 AMDPublic Law113
32152235 AMDPublic Law113
17-A253-A  NEWPublic Law113
34-A30423C AMDPublic Law113
14752-E2 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2012 AMDPublic Law113
29-A23086 AMDPublic Law113
365276-A6 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1341  RPPublic Law113
7616-A2-A AMDPublic Law113
34-A30472 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2008  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1256  RPPublic Law113
17-A2031  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1301  RPPublic Law113
17-A2305  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2308  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1174-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A2019  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1328  RPPublic Law113
131035  AMDPublic Law113
17-A2306  NEWPublic Law113
17-A214-A NEWPublic Law113
17-A1268  RPPublic Law113
17-A1203-C  RPPublic Law113
34-A50016 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2309  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1302-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A2074 NEWPublic Law113
34-B12201C AMDPublic Law113
17-A2010  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1264  RPPublic Law113
17-A210-A1E AMDPublic Law113
17-A1609  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1330-B  RPPublic Law113
383491 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1205-B  RPPublic Law113
34-A3035 1 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1257  RPPublic Law113
14158-B1 AMDPublic Law113
12125121 AMDPublic Law113
34-A3063-C4B AMDPublic Law113
17-A2105  NEWPublic Law113
1264365 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1252-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1606  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1853  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1203-B  RPPublic Law113
17-A1204  RPPublic Law113
17-A1175  RPPublic Law113
34-A38021I AMDPublic Law113
30-A1557-B4C AMDPublic Law113
17-A2012  NEWPublic Law113
34-B12201A AMDPublic Law113
1521513 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1171  RPPublic Law113
30-A16051G AMDPublic Law113
17-A82-A AMDPublic Law113
17-A1347  RPPublic Law113
17-A1233  RPPublic Law113
17-A1602  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1712  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1883  NEWPublic Law113
17-A152-A2 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2018  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1805  NEWPublic Law113
1510942-A AMDPublic Law113
17-A1173  RPPublic Law113
17-A1704  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1254  RPPublic Law113
1269572 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1503  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1207  RPPublic Law113
17-A1157  RPPublic Law113
17-A1175-A  RPPublic Law113
1260733 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1153  RPPublic Law113
17-A1125  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1757  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1201  RPPublic Law113
28-A20883B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1703  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2536 RPPublic Law113
17-A2106  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1758  NEWPublic Law113
28-A20892B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1809  NEWPublic Law113
29-A115 6 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1814  NEWPublic Law113
145602  AMDPublic Law113
17-A2005  NEWPublic Law113
1533141H AMDPublic Law113
1264325 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2104  NEWPublic Law113
17-A226 NEWPublic Law113
30-A16062 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1152  RPPublic Law113
17-A2307  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1807  NEWPublic Law113
1012433Q AMDPublic Law113
1011743R AMDPublic Law113
34-A3036-A4A AMDPublic Law113
1533141E AMDPublic Law113
1533146 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1345  RPPublic Law113
17-A1803  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1261  RPPublic Law113
17-A2013  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1610  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1706  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2003  NEWPublic Law113
17-A215-A NEWPublic Law113
17-A1810  NEWPublic Law113
15224-A2 AMDPublic Law113
1293216 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1752  NEWPublic Law113
1710311-B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1204-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1326  RPPublic Law113
17-A2823 NEWPublic Law113
30-A16055D AMDPublic Law113
1561011D AMDPublic Law113
101434-A2B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1812  NEWPublic Law113
383493 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1251  RPPublic Law113
34-A3063-C4C AMDPublic Law113
17-A2017  NEWPublic Law113
151105  AMDPublic Law113
17-A1710  NEWPublic Law113
32137313 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2016  NEWPublic Law113
381316-M4 AMDPublic Law113
158122 AMDPublic Law113
37-B8063 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1232  RPPublic Law113
17-A1231  RPPublic Law113
17-A1205-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1323  RPPublic Law113
17-A4013 AMDPublic Law113
1521371 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1349-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1304  RPPublic Law113
17-A2303  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1159  RPPublic Law113
17-A1349-B  RPPublic Law113
17-A2007  NEWPublic Law113
17-A61 AMDPublic Law113
1522524 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1263  RPPublic Law113
17-A1753  NEWPublic Law113
151094 1 AMDPublic Law113
34-A3036-A2B AMDPublic Law113
17-A2302  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1754  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2006  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1802  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1901  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1259  RPPublic Law113
1510234B-1 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1708  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1855  NEWPublic Law113
17-A7553 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1326-B  RPPublic Law113
17-A1267  RPPublic Law113
17-A1813  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1601  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1303-B  RPPublic Law113
17-A1203  RPPublic Law113
1264366 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2107  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1607  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1172  RPPublic Law113
17-A1324  RPPublic Law113
253503-A  AMDPublic Law113
73952-A2 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1330-C  RPPublic Law113
1533141G AMDPublic Law113
17-A2102  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1266  RPPublic Law113
17-A1751  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1808  NEWPublic Law113
1533121 AMDPublic Law113
128004 6 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1857  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1501  NEWPublic Law113
34-A52112 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1205-C  RPPublic Law113
34-A3036-A2C-1 AMDPublic Law113
17-A25-C NEWPublic Law113
101434-A3C AMDPublic Law113
17-A1349-D  RPPublic Law113
17-A2301  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1882  NEWPublic Law113
1561011B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1348  RPPublic Law113
17-A1154  RPPublic Law113
17-A1257-A  RPPublic Law113
34-A30611 AMDPublic Law113
34-A112733 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2109  NEWPublic Law113
38344-A4 AMDPublic Law113
34-A3036-A2C AMDPublic Law113
17-A2101  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2015  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1328-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1151  RPPublic Law113
1521241E AMDPublic Law113
17-A2537 RPPublic Law113
17-A1206  RPPublic Law113
17-A210-A1C AMDPublic Law113
1521241F AMDPublic Law113
17-A1265  RPPublic Law113
17-A1330  RPPublic Law113
17-A1756  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2014  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2304  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1702  NEWPublic Law113
2240084 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1322  RPPublic Law113
1210608 6 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2108  NEWPublic Law113
17-A227 NEWPublic Law113
12125111 AMDPublic Law113
28-A20811D AMDPublic Law113
17-A1203-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A2073 AMDPublic Law113
1521241C-1 AMDPublic Law113
34-A96056 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2311  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1255  RPPublic Law113
17-A1604  NEWPublic Law113
17-A1881  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2002  NEWPublic Law113
32113041 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1252-B  RPPublic Law113
34-B1203-A7B AMDPublic Law113
126952-A4 AMDPublic Law113
17-A1326-D  RPPublic Law113
34-A30324 AMDPublic Law113
153007  AMDPublic Law113
34-A30354B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1502  NEWPublic Law113
17-A2011  NEWPublic Law113
381316-M5 AMDPublic Law113
17-A2033  NEWPublic Law113
1533142 AMDPublic Law113
29-A20544 AMDPublic Law113
151707  AMDPublic Law113
17-A1158-A  RPPublic Law113
17-A1349  RPPublic Law113
19-A215211 AMDPublic Law113
34-A96042 AMDPublic Law113
30-A1557-B4B AMDPublic Law113
17-A1176  RPPublic Law113
17-A25-D NEWPublic Law113
17-A2312  NEWPublic Law113
17-A27-A NEWPublic Law113