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Representative Joyce McCreight
District #51
Representing: Brunswick (part), Harpswell and West Bath



Rep. Joyce “Jay” McCreight is a first-term member of the Maine House of Representatives. She serves on both the Marine Resources and Judiciary committees.

McCreight worked for 30 years as a social worker and clinical counselor, primarily in Maine public schools. As a long-time advocate for children and families, she will continue to work for quality education, the development of high-paying jobs, access to health care and the preservation of our working waterfront and environment.

McCreight lives in Harpswell. She volunteers with her local volunteer fire department, her road association and with local elementary school children. She and her husband, a small business owner, have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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Rep. McCreight is a member of the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary and the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources.

Brief description of the subject matter handled by the committee: Judicial system organization and budget; criminal procedure; civil procedure; civil actions, including torts and medical malpractice; Maine Tort Claims Act; liability; immunity; child protection; family law; domestic relations; child support; adoption; legal services; attorneys; Attorney General; District Attorneys; abortion and reproductive rights; civil rights; medical rights; human rights; Maine Human Rights Commission; protection from harassment; protection from abuse; guardianship and conservatorship; probate law; property law; property rights; unclaimed property; business and nonprofit organizations; Uniform Commercial Code; laws relating to Maine’s Indian Tribes, including the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement Act; Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission; freedom of access, confidentiality and privacy laws; and errors and inconsistencies.

Brief description of the subject matter handled by the committee: Department of Marine Resources; commercial marine fisheries management, licensing and enforcement; marine fish species; diadromous fish, mollusks; crustaceans; seaweed; sea urchins; sea cucumbers; processing and sale of marine fish and shellfish; and aquaculture.

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