From Robert B. Hunt, Clerk of the House
State House, Augusta, Maine

Volume XLIV, No. 3

Friday, January 19, 2018




L.D. 1784, H.P. 1229
An Act To Update the Laws Governing the Department of Environmental Protection's Rule-making Authority Concerning Underground Oil Storage Facilities To Align with Federal Regulations. (Presented by Representative KINNEY of Limington)

L.D. 1785, H.P. 1230
An Act To Amend the Greater Augusta Utility District Charter. (Presented by Representative WARREN of Hallowell)

L.D. 1786, H.P. 1231
An Act Regarding Maine's Liquor Laws. (Presented by Representative LUCHINI of Ellsworth)

L.D. 1787, S.P. 666
An Act To Provide for the 2018 and 2019 Allocations of the State Ceiling on Private Activity Bonds. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Senator VOLK of Cumberland)

L.D. 1788, H.P. 1235
An Act To Enhance Safety for Victims of Sexual Assault and Stalking and To Amend the Laws Governing Harassment and Protection from Abuse. (Presented by Speaker GIDEON of Freeport)

L.D. 1789, S.P. 668
An Act Authorizing Changes to the Ownership and Leases of Certain Public Lands. (Presented by Senator DAVIS of Piscataquis)

L.D. 1790, S.P. 669
An Act To Increase Safety on a Youth Hunting Day for Hunting Bear by Allowing an Accompanying Adult To Possess a Firearm. (Presented by Senator CUSHING of Penobscot)

L.D. 1791, H.P. 1236
An Act To Continue the Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative. (Submitted by the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources pursuant to the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 12, section 6455, subsection 8.)

L.D. 1792, H.P. 1237
An Act To Improve Market Stability for Maine Residents Purchasing Individual Health Insurance Coverage. (Presented by Representative LAWRENCE of Eliot)

L.D. 1793, S.P. 671
An Act To Ensure Propane Delivery during Emergencies. (EMERGENCY) (Presented by Senator DIAMOND of Cumberland)

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