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Help and Hints for iPads
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Disclaimer: These are suggestions provided by iPad users and have worked for some people, but there is no guarantee that they will work for everyone. The applications (or "apps") referenced are available at the App Store, which is an application that comes pre-installed on iPads.

If you have suggestions or recommendations for other apps that you've found useful for various pages on the Legislature's website, please send them to Thanks!

As of April 2015, the app VLC seems to work well for both watching the House and Senate video streams, and listening to the House, Senate and Committee sessions. I've found that audio usually streams smoothly, and have experienced occasional brief freezes while watching the video - which is probably due to the bandwidth available. VLC is donation-ware, which means it's free, and there's a link for those who would like to make a donation to support their work. Website is

We've heard that the Mac version of VLC allows users with iMacs, MacBooks and other OSX computers to view the House and Senate sessions, and there is also an Android version which I've used to listen to Committee sessions on my cell phone.

The following links for the Mobile Device Player (mms) version of the video and audio feeds should work with on most devices with VLC installed:

House Video - mms://

House Audio - mms://

Senate Video - mms://

Senate Audio - mms://

You should also be able to use the Mobile Device Player (mms) links on the House and Senate Video and Audio pages, as well as the mms links on any pages for Committee sessions.

As an aside, many of the Committee pages are now using symbols for the various audio feeds:
audio symbols
The mms feed is the third one, with a triangle inside a circle - though the other ones may also work on some devices, and it never hurts to try them all if you're having trouble connecting.


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