House Live Video
Help and Hints

Video quality may be affected by the speed of your internet connection or the number of people tuning in; if you can't get a clear picture, please use our House Chamber Audio page to listen to the session, and try the video page again in a few minutes.

The microphones are usually shut off when the Legislators recess or take other breaks. As long as the time counter on the player keeps increasing, you will hear the proceedings when the session resumes.

The video stream is also usually turned off when the Legislature adjourns for the day, and may be turned off if the House recesses for several hours for Committee work.

You'll need Windows Media Player 9 (or newer) to receive our broadcast. Windows Media Player 12 is available for Windows 8 and Windows 7; Windows Media Player 11 is available for Windows Vista and XP; Windows Media Components for QuickTime are available for Mac OS X; and a Windows Media Player ActiveX control is available for the Firefox browser.

To download Windows Media Player from Microsoft

To learn more about Microsoft Media Player

Our video streaming is relatively new, and there may be bugs we haven't discovered - so if you're having problems, please let us know. Thanks!

We'll be adding more hints and suggestions as we discover them - please feel free to submit yours!

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