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Welcome to the Maine House of Representatives

Live Video Broadcast and Video Archives


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New for the 128th Legislature!
Video from the House and Senate is Archived
and available for viewing at your convenience!

To view House Archives

Go to the House Video Page

Either to the right on a wide screen or below the window where the video will play, you should see something like this:

screenshot showing the Earlier button to go to the Archives

Click the blue "Earlier" button and you should see something like this:

screenshot showing a list of days with archived files available

Click the day you want to watch, and after a minute or so, you should see something like this in the main video window;
(the list of events may be below the picture of the House chamber)
depending on your device and browser, you may need to click a triangular "play" button:

screenshot showing how to navigate to an item during the session

Click on an event on the right (or below), and after a brief delay, the video will jump to that point in the session;
if you are looking for remarks by a particular member, you can switch from the default Agenda view to the People view,
using the buttons above the schedule of events:

screenshot showing part of the list of members who made remarks

As more sessions are added to the Archives, you'll be able to use the Earlier and Later buttons to navigate the list of sessions.


To view Senate Archives

Go to the Senate Video Page

Follow the steps for viewing House Archives.


Helpful Hints ~~~ Hints for iPads
(these will be updated once we've had a chance to use the new system)

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