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State of Maine Legislature

Sponsors of LD 1147

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LD 1147 (HP 836)
"An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Size and Weight of All-terrain Vehicles, the Operation of Motor Vehicles on Designated All-terrain Vehicle Trails and the Operation of All-terrain Vehicles on Trails Posted with Size or Weight Limits and To Update and Improve Funding Mechanisms for All-terrain Vehicle Trail Development and Maintenance"
Sponsored by Representative Paul Stearns

Sponsors and Cosponsors
Sponsored By: Representative Paul STEARNS of Guilford
Cosponsored By: Senator Paul DAVIS of Piscataquis
Representative Sherman HUTCHINS of Penobscot
Senator Lisa KEIM of Oxford
Representative Peter LYFORD of Eddington
Representative Stephen STANLEY of Medway

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